1.0 Patch Changelog

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  • Fix for animals occasionally stuck in terrain
  • Fix hosted game session name
  • Make it possible to search for friends in hosted games
  • Fix for occasional lost save data and XP/Skills
  • Improve shadowrunner flee behavior
  • Fix various server log spam and errors
  • Visual improvements to handy overheat steam
  • Unlock repair o tron at Defense Construction 3 like it says in the tooltip
  • Fix a possible crash when exiting to Main Menu
  • Fix a silent crash upon exiting the game, causing it to remain "running" in steam
  • Replace EA loading screen
  • Fix a bug where upgraded handy would revert back to Handy Mk1
  • Fix a possible bug with AI finding items after merging corporations
  • Default scrapper and autocrafter to AI Ignore.
  • Make autocrafter UI visible from afar with power icons.
  • Make it a bit easier to place walls slightly into rocks and terrain
  • Fix for pirates not dropping rare loot
  • Allow you to snap walls to side of ramp
  • Fix a possible structure exploit causing infinite support
  • Players can no longer fly up out of the map