Version 0.9.9635

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  • Drone bots will now properly play their idle animations
  • Make AI less "escape artisty", add failsafes to prevent AI from getting "stuck"
  • Fix minion bot "retire" spam
  • Make animals better at attacking. Improve crab attack anim
  • Fix a bug with AI not finding the items in storage they need for crafting
  • Fix building and animal attacks in water
  • Show proper amounts when picking up resources in notification popups near player panel
  • Significant optimizations to server side networking code
  • Fix resource manifest showing bogus resources
  • Fix for melee block resulting in negative armor values
  • Make level 3+ handy never overheat
  • Fix turn left/right binding which wasn't showing in options menu
  • Reskin proximity switch properly, give it a proper name and description
  • Plants rare resource popout properly skinned to look like wood/carbon
  • Fix Corporate advanced crafting skill definitions so Miners are displayed only in the proper spot
  • Add expansion slots to many of the armors
  • Increase placement distance of certain large structures like extractors and large foundations
  • Don't show an permanent enemy compass icon for player
  • Clicking Show offline in social menu immediately refreshes
  • Default social menu to "show all"
  • Fix hotbar slots sometimes being reset upon login
  • Fix a bug that prevented players from leaving a corporation